Eye of Judgment

Okay, so I really used to like the Eye of Judgment Game. I was a total geek about it.

Eye of Judgment was a unique card game. Working exclusively with the Sony Playstation 3 and the Playstation Eye camera, Eye of Judgment provided an awesome visual experience that adds yet another dimension to traditional trading card games.

Developed in collaboration between Sony and Hasbro, Eye of Judgment gamers see their card characters turn into amazing 3D animation. By utilizing the Eye Toy 2 for the PS3, the game will scan and recognize card images and create playing characters within the game in complete 3D.

The game uses a three-foot wide playing board, playing cards and the Eye Toy 2 which is needed to note the cards being played and to bring the card characters and actions to life on the screen. The collectable trading cards are brought to life by the PS3 via encrypted cybercodes embedded into each card.

Once the characters are unleashed, they use their various combat skills to battle each other for control of each of the nine squares of the game grid. The player's knowledge of the various characters' strengths and weaknesses, along with characteristics of each individual board space, allows the gamer to strategically play their cards more skillfully than their opponent, win individual duels and eventually dominate the board.

The game offers two different playing modes. The first is the actual battle mode where monsters are summoned into engagement with each other. The second mode is the view mode where you are able to see the various monsters and examine their attributes. You can even conduct mock fight trials to see how they will perform in impending battles.

There are four ways to play the game:
1. As a single gamer playing against your PS3;
2. Two players playing against each other in the same room;
3. Two players playing against each other online;
4. Watch the PS3 play out a round with the cards you possess.

The game is bundled with Playstation Eye, the playing mat, a stand, a starter deck of 30 cards and a booster pack of eight random cards. Hasbro is creating over 100 different card characters which will be offered via booster packs and pre-constructed decks, available separately.

To keep online gamers honest, Sony required users to register their cards offline, so users can't play a card they don't own. There were also steps taken to make it difficult for a user to photocopy cards.

The Eye of Judgment game comes with a starter deck of 30 cards. Pre-constructed decks and booster packs of eight cards can be purchased separately if you want to strategically build the perfect deck. There are over 110 different cards currently available.

Card Groups Listed by Element

Each card has different strengths, weaknesses and attributes. Here is a list of elements and the cards belonging to each. (Thanks to Brian Hanson for help with the organization here.)

Cards in this group feature reduced activation and summoning costs and a good deal of quickness. Their opposing element is water.

• Flame Magus
• Hellfire Spitter
• Freedonian Wanderer
• Partmole Flame Lizard
• Firefly Ninja
• Great Minos of Sciondar
• Flame Ascetic
• Partmole Flame Guard
• Lesser Granvenoa
• Partmole Fire Oracle
• Triceptaur Behemoth
• Pursuer of Saint Dhees
• Infernal Sciondar Dragon
• Didi the Enlightened
• Warden Hilda
• Crucible King Dios IV
• Sciondar Fire God
• Red Cubic

Cards with this element specialize in the ability to draw further cards and their dodge ability. Their opposing element is fire.

• Monk Elder of Okunada
• Tritonan Ice Guard
• Tritonan Harpoonsman
• Aluhja Priestess
• Tentacles of Possession
• Wolf Ninja
• Cloud Runner
• Dancing Temptress
• Venoan Assassin
• Queen's Servant
• Moving Isle of Kadena
• Don of Venoa
• Dragon of Voice Sea
• Mercenary Savior Latoo
• Slam, Traitor of the Seas
• Imposter Queen Anfisa
• Goddess Tritona
• Blue Cubic

These cards offer increased protection and mana gain, with the added benefit of resurrection abilities. Their opposing element is wood.

• Verzar Canine
• Verzar Foot Soldier
• Stone Wing Dwarf
• Skeleton Soldier
• Giant Axe Dwarf
• Spider Ninja
• Novogus Catapult
• Dark Yokozuna Sekimaru
• Se Hollyn Fortress
• Novogus Golem
• Dungeon Of Ten Tyrants
• Verzar Elephant Brigade
• Undead Dragon
• Arelai the Protector
• Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra
• Undead King Novogus
• Novogus Gravekeeper
• Yellow Cubic

Wood cards can increase the activation cost of the opponent's cards, all the while showering them with ranged attacks. Their opposing element is earth.

• Leapfrog Bandit
• Green Lycanthrope
• Bewitching Elf Archeress
• Sleeptrap
• Elven Berserker Maiden
• Samurai Nagirashu
• Twin Goblins
• Swallow Ninja
• Juno Tree Haunt
• Elven Rider
• Juno Prisoner Trap
• Elven Death Dancer
• Juno Forest Dragon
• Edin the Persecuted
• Inquisitor Koog
• Green Erlking Zomba
• Exalted Elven Deity
• Green Cubic

Biolith cards are very powerful, but require high activation costs. Weather the early storm and these cards may prove unstoppable. They have no opposing element.

• Biolith Bomber
• Biolith Stinger
• Imperial Biolith Guard
• Biolith Battle Chariot
• Morning Star Warrior
• Biolith Ninja
• Behemoth Groundbreaker
• Dragoon Dragon Cavalry
• Taurus Monolith
• Aegis Citadel
• Arc Satellite Cannon
• Ouroboros Dragon
• Tino, Son of Scion
• Wormak, Biolith Heir
• Scion, Biolith Lord
• Guardian Watchtower
• Phaseus, Biolith God

These are cards with no elements, and no opposing elements. This group consists entirely of spell cards save for the rare White Cubic.

• White Cubic
• Parmetric Holy Feast
• Goghlie Altar
• Summoner Mesmer's Lapse
• Beguiling Fog
• Yuga's Mesmerizing Fog
• Clare Wil's Banner
• Healing Shower
• Fissure of Goghlie
• Great Tolicore Quake
• Summoner Mesmer's Errand
• Tinoan Telekinesis
• Tinoan Teleportation
• Scionar Inferno
• Ice Flood of Okunada
• Fist of Verzar
• Wrathful Winds of Juno
• Blinding Skies
• Scion's Riotous Impunity
• Seer Vizak's Calamity
• Call of Timeless Juno

Alphabetical List of Cards with Name, Rarity, Race & Description

Aegis Citadel - rare/base, allied creatures on the same elemental field as the Aegis Citadel gain invisibility.

Aluhja Priestess - common/human, gains one dodge attempt while in a water field.

Arc Satellite Cannon - rare/blitz, unleashes long-range magic attack.

Arelai the Protector - ultra-rare/hero, gains and bestows numerous benefits to himself and allies.

Beguiling Fog - common/conjuration, rotate any enemy in any direction.

Behemoth Groundbreaker - uncommon/weapon, all adjacent fields to where it is summoned get fieldquaked.

Bewitching Elf Archeress - common/elf, creatures that survive her attack will be rotated on the board and can't counterattack.

Biolith Battle Chariot - common/weapon, good attack range.

Biolith Bomber - common/blitz, gains attack power when attacking creatures with low summoning costs.

Biolith Ninja - rare/mech, always attacks from the rear.

Biolith Stinger - rare/bug, switches location with any creature it attacks but does not destroy.

Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra - phantom/betrayer, gains attack bonus when earth creatures inhabit the board.

Blinding Skies - ultra-rare/dominion, spell must target a biolith field and strikes all enemies on or adjacent to that field.

Blue Cubic - rare/egg, freely summon a water creature by sacrificing it.

Call of Timeless Juno - rare/sorcery, switch the places of two fields as well as any creatures on them.

Clare Wil's Banner - common/conjuration, raise the attack power of a creature for one turn.

Cloud Runner - uncommon/weapon, gain cards equal to the number of water fields on the board when Cloud Runner is summoned.

Crucible King Dios IV - ultra-rare/noble, attacks target twice.

Dancing Temptress - rare/undead, steals mana from opponent when killed.

Dark Yokozuna Sekimaru - uncommon/titan, can push back creatures he attacks to avoid counterattacks.

Didi the Enlightened - ultra-rare/hero, launches two attacks on the same target at once.

Don of Venoa - rare/titan, gains dodge attempt for each adjacent enemy and aids adjacent allies with dodge attempts of their own.

Dragon of Voice Sea - rare/dragon, grows in strength with each additional water creature in play.

Dragoon Dragon Cavalry - uncommon/mech, attacks enemy twice.

Dungeon Of Ten Tyrants - uncommon/base, restores mana each turn when not on an earth field.

Edin the Persecuted - ultra-rare/hero, gains attack power when attacking enemies on wood fields.

Elven Berserker Maiden - uncommon/elf, gains additional attack and a dodge attempt when near-death.

Elven Death Dancer - rare/elf, enemies on adjacent fields have highly increased activation costs.

Elven Rider - uncommon/elf, when destroyed the opponent must discard an amount of cards equal to the number of wood fields in play.

Exalted Elven Deity - ultra-rare/god, his magic attack strikes all enemies not on wood fields.

Firefly Ninja - uncommon/human, gains invisibility when allied Spider Ninja is on the board.

Fissure of Goghlie - common/conjuration, fieldquake any field space.

Fist of Verzar - uncommon/dominion, spell must target an earth field and affects any enemies on and adjacent to that field.

Flame Ascetic - common/human, gets random attack bonus.

Flame Magus - common/human, unleashes magic attack.

Freedonian Wanderer - common/elemental, mana gain possible when summoning new cards.

Giant Axe Dwarf - common/dwarf, gains additional attack for each allied Stone Wing Dwarf on the board.

Goddess Tritona - ultra-rare/god, her magic attack strikes all enemies not on water fields.

Goghlie Altar - uncommon/ritual, both players gain an amount of mana equal to the number of opponent creatures on the board.

Great Minos of Sciondar - rare/titan, must be kept on a fire field.

Great Tolicore Quake - rare/conjuration, fieldquake all the fields of a chosen element type.

Green Cubic - rare/egg, sacrificing it allows the free summoning of any wood creature.

Green Erlking Zomba - ultra-rare/noble, while on a wood field any allied creature destroyed will result in the opponent being forced to discard a card.

Green Lycanthrope - common/anthromorph, randomly gains additional attack and health.

Guardian Watchtower - ultra-rare/ancient, its magic attack affects all enemies on the same element that the targeted creature is on.

Healing Shower - common/conjuration, all allied creatures of one chosen element have their health recovered by 3.

Hellfire Spitter - common/bug, speedy ally.

Ice Flood of Okunada - uncommon/dominion, spell must target a water field and affects all enemies on and adjacent to that field.

Imperial Biolith Guard - common/mech, additional mana gain each time a creature is summoned to a biolith field.

Imposter Queen Anfisa - ultra-rare/noble, gains control over all adjacent enemies when on a water field.

Infernal Sciondar Dragon - rare/dragon, increases in strength as more creatures take to the field.

Inquisitor Koog - phantom/betrayer, grows stronger when attacking wood creatures.

Juno Forest Dragon - rare/dragon, gains attack for each wood creature on the board.

Juno Prisoner Trap - uncommon/plant, when enemies are summoned to adjacent fields all allies gain additional health.

Juno Tree Haunt - rare/titan, has perfect dodge ability.

Leapfrog Bandit - common/anthromorph, when destroyed on a non-wood field, opponent must discard a card.

Lesser Granvenoa - uncommon/base, cannot survive on water fields.

Mercenary Savior Latoo - ultra-rare/hero, grows stronger whit each occupied water field.

Monk Elder of Okunada - common/merfolk, adjacent allied creatures can one dodge attempt.

Morning Star Warrior - common/mech, gains attack power when attacking a creature with high health.

Moving Isle of Kadena - rare/beast, steals mana from opponent when summoned to a non-water field.

Novogus Catapult - uncommon/weapon, mana recovery possible when this creature is destroyed.

Novogus Golem - rare/beast, protection is increased for each empty field on the board.

Novogus Gravekeeper - ultra-rare/god, his magic attack hits all enemies not on earth fields.

Ouroboros Dragon - ultra-rare/dragon, massive attack power and grows even stronger for each biolith creature on the board.

Parmetric Holy Feast - uncommon/ritual, discard a creature and gain 2 mana.

Partmole Fire Oracle - uncommon/demon, attacks with magic.

Partmole Flame Guard - uncommon/demon, gains attack bonus when enemies reside on water fields.

Partmole Flame Lizard - common/lizard, high quickness.

Phaseus, Biolith God - ultra-rare/god, his magic attack strikes all enemies.

Pursuer of Saint Dhees - rare/demon, grows in strength as more creatures inhabit the playing field.

Queen's Servant - rare/elemental, steals mana from opponent when destroyed.

Red Cubic - rare/egg, can be sacrificed to freely summon another fire creature in its place.

Samurai Nagirashu - uncommon/human, when destroyed on a wood field the opponent loses a card.

Scion's Riotous Impunity - rare/sorcery, forces all creatures to engage in battle one at a time starting clockwise from the center.

Scion, Biolith Lord - ultra-rare/noble, his magic attack affects all enemies on the same element field as the target.

Scionar Inferno - uncommon/dominion, spell must target a fire field and affects all adjacent enemies to that field.

Sciondar Fire God - ultra-rare/god, his magic attack hits all non-fire field enemies on the board.

Se Hollyn Fortress - uncommon/base, adjacent allied creatures gain additional protection.

Seer Vizak's Calamity - rare/dominion, fieldquakes all fields.

Skeleton Soldier - common/undead, replenishes mana when destroyed.

Slam, Traitor of the Seas - phantom/betrayer, strong against water enemies.

Sleeptrap - common/plant, adjacent enemies gain additional activation costs.

Spider Ninja - uncommon/human, gains invisibility when allied Wolf Ninja is on the board.

Stone Wing Dwarf - common/dwarf, gains additional protection n with each allied Giant Axe Dwarf on the board.

Summoner Mesmer's Errand - common/conjuration, freely draw 2 cards to your hand.

Summoner Mesmer's Lapse - uncommon/ritual, discard a creature and lower your opponent's mana by that creature's summoning cost.

Swallow Ninja - uncommon/human, gain invisibility when an allied Firefly Ninja is on the board.

Taurus Monolith - uncommon/titan, any creature it attacks and does not slay gets pushed back and is unable to counterattack.

Tentacles of Possession - uncommon/beast, gain possession of the enemy directly in front of it.

Tino, Son of Scion - ultra-rare/hero, his magic attack strikes all enemies on the same element as the initially targeted enemy.

Tinoan Telekinesis - uncommon/conjuration, move a target creature to a new empty field with its orientation maintained.

Tinoan Teleportation - uncommon/conjuration, switch the locations of any two allied creatures without altering their orientation.

Triceptaur Behemoth - rare/beast, attack strength weakens when attacking multiple opponents.

Tritonan Harpoonsman - common/merfolk, gains one dodge attempt while on a water field.

Tritonan Ice Guard - common/elemental, summon this creature to a non-ice field to draw an additional card.

Twin Goblins - common/goblin, have strength in numbers.

Undead Dragon - rare/dragon, gains attack bonus for each earth creature on the board.

Undead King Novogus - ultra-rare/noble, enemies not on earth fields get fieldquaked and cannot counterattack.

Venoan Assassin - common/human, always strikes from the rear.

Verzar Canine - common/beast, adjacent allied creatures gain additional protection.

Verzar Elephant Brigade - uncommon/elemental, allied creatures grown in power while this creature is on an earth field.

Verzar Foot Soldier - common/human, gains attack power when other Foot Soldiers are on the board.

Warden Hilda - phantom/betrayer, gains power over all creatures on fire fields when not on one herself.

White Cubic - ultra-rare/egg, sacrifice the White Cubic to freely summon any creature of any element.

Wolf Ninja - uncommon/human, gains invisibility when an allied Swallow Ninja is on the board.

Wormak, Biolith Heir - phantom/betrayer, confers mana to the owner with each enemy creature summoned.

Wrathful Winds of Juno - uncommon/dominion, spell must target a wood field and affects any creatures on or adjacent to that field.

Yellow Cubic - rare/egg, sacrificing it allows free summoning of any earth creature.

Yuga's Mesmerizing Fog - common/conjuration, all adjacent enemies to a target ally creature will be rotated so their backs face the creature.

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